Tuesday, July 26, 2011

101 Concepts, Food Philosophies

Cibo E Beve is the latest addition to the Atlanta-based restaurant group called 101 Concepts.
Meehan’s Public House and Food 101 are the two successful ventures that have put 101 Concepts high on the map for Atlanta restaurant goers.
101 Concepts hopes that their good reputation will spark interest in their new venture into Italian cuisine with Cibo E Beve.
Meehan’s embodies the authentic Irish pub feel and features a full menu of classic Irish food.  The three locations of Meehan’s are Vinings, Sandy Springs and Downtown Atlanta.  Meehan’s has proved to be a local favorite for young professionals who like to eat and drink well.
Former employee of Meehan’s, Reid Daniell, recalls the work for the 101 Concepts team as a great experience.
“When I used to work at Outback all the employees pretty much followed a corporate model that got old really fast.  Meehan’s was actually fun because you got to work and be cool and relaxed at the same time,” said Daniell.
Food 101, located on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, has become a staple of the fine dining experience in Atlanta.  As signature to the 101 Concepts food philosophy, the menu offers “proven classics with an inventive twist.”
It is clear that the 101 Concepts model of fine dining in a relaxed environment has been a success.
“I don’t think this new Italian place will have any trouble at all,” said Daniell.

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